University of Waterloo Accounting Conference

  • UWAC2012
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May 1st-3rd, 2015

Located in Waterloo, Ontario

  • You get the thrill solving accounting problems with fellow students across Canada
  • Excitement when it comes to competing at a case competition with $1000 cash prize
  • Longing to network with key industry leaders such as the Big 4 and other companies
  • Strong interest to further gain experience in the accounting field
  • Improved technical and soft skills in relevance to accounting
  • Positive relationships with other undergraduate students from across Canada

The University of Waterloo Accounting Conference aims to promote the accounting profession by fostering an understanding and appreciation for its importance in the business world. Beyond this, it also strives to create an enriching environment for students to grow and develop by collaborating with fellow delegates and forging meaningful connections. By combining learning and networking, the conference seeks to provide delegates with a unique and insightful experience that will act as a stepping stone in their journeys to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.