Young Women in Business (YWIB): Beyond Pink Conference 2014

Danielle Hickes –  Young Women in Business : Beyond Pink Conference

Featured Speakers:  Kayla Roxas, Erin Robinson, Maili Wong, Amielle Lake, Corrine Kessel, Jennifer Johnstone




Attending the Young Women in Business (YWIB): Beyond Pink Conference

had different conferences that aimed to empower women and propel
our careers. My major things I took away were the following:
1. Negotiating
– Be assertive and hold your own
– “Nice girls don’t ask;” only 7% of women negotiate their
– Be firm, respectful, and assertive
– Recognize opportunities to negotiate; When negotiating
ensure you are personable, professional, active listening,
and creative
2. Take Time for Yourself
– You will be a better leader when you are honest and
clear; Morning rituals enhance leadership
– Take time for yourself, this will allow you to be connected
with yourself
3. Financial Planning
– Pay more with cash
– When setting goals, goals should be: quantifiable, specific,
present tense, affirmative, and measurable
– Pay yourself: put your savings away 1st; put 10%-15% of
salary away for retirement