John Molson Sports Marketing Conference #2

Verena Facundo –  John Molson Sports Marketing Conference

Featured Speakers:  Marc Bergevin, Ned Coletti, Julien Brisbois, Kerry Bubolz



I’m Verena Facundo, a 5th year Sauder student majoring in Marketing & Human Resources. With relevant experience

and a strong interest for learning more about sports marketing, I was very keen attend the John Molson Sports
Marketing Conference and have the opportunity to explore Montreal.
Highlights of my trip include learning more about the sports industry, meeting students from across the country, and
trying Poutine! The most important thing I learned was simply realizing how vast the sports industry is, and realizing
what a wide range of opportunities exist. I would highly recommend this conference, as it went above and beyond my
expectations. The night events provided excellent opportunities to network, and the speaker line-up was
phenomenal. I would love to help Sauder organize a similar conference!

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