John Molson Sports Marketing Conference

Anita Facundo (BCom’16) –  John Molson Sports Marketing Conference

Featured Speakers:  Marc Bergevin, Ned Coletti, Julien Brisbois, Kerry Bubolz



My name is Anita Facundo and I am a 3rd Marketing student at the Sauder School of
Business. Last weekend I attended the John Molson Sports Marketing Conference
held in Montreal, Canada. I chose to go to this conference because I am very
interested in sports marketing, I had never been to Montreal before, and because I
was very keen to hear and learn from the speakers.



The highlight of the trip was listening to Mitch Garber on the last day of the
conference. His story really captured my attention and was very inspiring. The most
important thing I learnt from the conference was to take advantage of meeting all
the other people who attended the conference because it so valuable to make
connections in the sports industry as it’s all based off relationships. I would
definitely recommend this conference to others as it was an amazing opportunity to
get to know and learn from other business students around Canada. To the most
part the conference met my expectations. The only thing I felt missing was that
there weren’t any planned workshops. I definitely think Sauder should organize a
conference similar to this one as the sports industry is so large and there are so
many different aspects to the sports industry. Students with different specializations
would all be interested.